This site is kept for historical purposes and represents original version of the Fancybox. V4 (the latest), V3 (discontinued)


These are historical options for versions 1.2+

Available options

You can pass options as key/value object to fancybox() function or modify them at the bottom of FancyBox JS file

Key Description
padding Padding around content
imageScale If true, images are scaled to fit in viewport
zoomOpacity If true, changes content transparency when animating
zoomSpeedIn Speed in miliseconds of the zooming-in animation
(no animation if 0)
zoomSpeedOut Speed in miliseconds of the zooming-out animation
(no animation if 0)
zoomSpeedChange Speed in miliseconds of the animation when changing gallery items
(no animation if 0)
easingIn, easingOut, easingChange Easing used for animations
frameWidth Default width for iframed and inline content
frameHeight Default height for iframed and inline content
overlayShow If true, shows the overlay (false by default)
Overlay color is defined in CSS file
overlayOpacity Opacity of overlay (from 0 to 1; default - 0.3)
overlayColor Color of overlay (default - #666)
enableEscapeButton Hides FancyBox when clicked on "Esc" button
showCloseButton Option to show/hide close button
hideOnOverlayClick Hides FancyBox when clicked on overlay
hideOnContentClick Hides FancyBox when clicked on opened item
centerOnScroll If true, content is centered when user scrolls page
itemArray Optional, can set custom item array
callbackOnStart Optional, called on start
callbackOnShow Optional, called on displaying content
callbackOnClose Optional, called on close

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